~With one kiss the spell was lifted~

Prince Charming kissed Snow White and saved her life from a poisonous apple. A prince found his way into a castle full of sleeping people and broke a hundred year spell by kissing Princess Aurora, or as we know her now, Sleeping Beauty. It is a timeless theme that the hero comes in and lifts a spell quickly followed by wedding bells. There is also a theme of kissing a toad and him turning into a Prince. This was clearly not the case with me. I have wasted too much time kissing frogs. I always imagined that first kiss would cast a spell or rather put me into a trace. It wasnt until now that I realized it could work in the opposite way too.

Containing all the awkwardness of a middle schooler I sat and could only focus on all the fibers in my body. How does one who is normal sit? Should I cross my legs? Sit in Indian style? Wow that is such a racial slur. I can’t believe us Americans come up with this crap. Just look at him….ahhhh much better. Is this really happening? What events led up to this moment? You are getting distracted again. What do my arms normally do? Is it ok to cross them or can they just rest on my side? Ok I believe I look somewhat natural now.

I have nothing to be nervous of. I have always had a natural knack for the opposite sex. I have been attracting boys as long as I can remember. This man is different. He has me reflecting back to an awkward memory of going to the movies with my 8th grade boyfriend. I don’t remember a thing about the movie because the whole time I was sitting awkwardly in a position with his arms around me that was putting a pain in my back. This same boy had me distracted with thoughts like,”Why does he want to hold hands all the time? My hands sweat and the more I think about my hands sweating the more they sweat”

What is this man doing to me? I am 23 years old and around him I feel like I have never dated anyone in my life. Maybe its a gift from God. He is wiping my slate clean and giving me a second chance. It is a dating rebirth. So now I am starting from scratch as if I am a middle schooler again. Now my analytical mind kicks into gear and the awkwardness dissipates. I am nervous because I want to kiss him. All I can focus on now is that I want to kiss him more than anything in the world. But when is the right time for a kiss? The movies make it look so easy. The perfect lines and the music that swells in rhythm with the embrace and caress. The camera does a perfect 360 swoop and pans away. Cue end credits.

But more importantly,is tonight too soon for a kiss? Once we kiss there is no turning back. We are both freshly heartbroken. Is this just a simple craving for affection? Is it because we are lonely? Will this ruin our friendship?Shut up Sonja. Right….now….oh wow he did it–he kissed me. Oh I am so glad he is a good kisser! There was a surge of energy that would not quit. So I kept holding and kissing unceasing, hoping it would expend itself and it never did. With each peck and nibble it grew and evolved. It wasnt until the next day that I realized the spell was lifted. I feel as if I was a snake that shed a layer of skin. A dark cloud has moved on. My appetite is back. My motivation is revived. Time to clean up the mess-both literal and figurative.

Chapter two The Spell (coming soon)