~Oklahoma! Where the wind comes sweeping down the plains!~

I have lived in Lawton, Oklahoma for a whopping 14 years, but I have never admitted that out loud. Every time I am asked how long I have lived here, I say a different number and its never 14. Oklahoma has such a sad stigma attached to it. Foreigners think that everyone that lives in OK has a farm or a ranch, rides horses, herds cattle, and says “Howdy, y’all!”. Well obviously this is not the case. Lawton/Ft. Sill, Oklahoma, I have read, is the most ethnically diverse military base in the U.S. Soldiers come from all over to train and others come through on their way to deployment. I grew up on the east coast for a little while, and then spend three years in the third world country of Panama. I never claim Lawton as my home. When it comes to locations, I love big cities, natural bodies of water, and mountains. Lawton is a small city, land locked with man-made ponds and lakes, and contains the oldest mountain range in the U.S. ; and therefore have been eroded to the point of hills. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a horrible place to live. In the grand scheme of things it is fairly decent. Most people who live in Lawton will, at one time or another, complain about the weather. The summers consist of three digit temperatures that are dry as opposed to humid. The winters don’t give much beautiful snow, but rather dangerous ice storms. And as Dorothy has taught us, there is a threat of tornadoes. There is one thing I do like about the weather in Oklahoma: the wind.

The wind has held so much intrigue to mankind over the centuries. It can convey so many different personalities. It can be a warm summer breeze, a salty ocean breeze, or a cold blistering wind. It can also inspire different emotions according to the velocity or temperature of the wind. A slow breeze that isn’t too hot or cold might make us feel calm and peaceful. A winter stormy wind might make a swirling and whistling sound and make us feel sad or scared.

In Greek mythology there was a God of Wind. His name was Aeolus and he controlled the wind in the skies. He was said to have given Odysseus a tightly sealed bad of wind to help him sail back to Ithaca whenever he needed it.

Artists are inspired by movement and the way wind affects the ways things look. A perfect example of this is the 1486 painting “The Birth of Venus” by Venetian artist Botticelli.

As you examine the painting you can see the implication of the wind in the woman’s dress, the pink cloak, and the hair. It captures wind in a beautiful, peaceful light. The hair isn’t haphazardly disheveled and the material is not tattered.

When conditions are perfect I love to stand outside on a windy day and just absorb its energy. Close my eyes and listen to its music. The trees are dancing or shaking in fear. The wind chime is elegantly playing its melody. If it were composed during Beethoven’s time it would be called “Variation on three notes”. The wooden fence is creaking as it bends. The swing in whining as it squeals back and forth. I open my eyes as it lifts my hair up off my neck and across my face. I start to walk slowly and test its strength and sure enough it pushes me back a little.

As it calms down for a second I imagine I am Pocohontas from the Disney movie. She jumps off the mountain and the wind gently carries her down into the water. The Native Americans had such an amazing appreciation for nature. They see life and spirit in every  living thing. The artist portrays Pocohontas at such peace with the earth and her self. How inspiring!

Sometimes I feel like the Oklahoma wind is cleansing me. My body is a strainer and as the wind pushes against me it forces all the bad out and leaves only the good. I know that sounds like a bit of a stretch, but the wind can be somewhat therapeutic. Helping to clear your mind and meditate.

The last thing that I often associate with wind is power. In movies when the bad guys-or even sometimes the good guys-are summoning their powers,you most often see wind swirl,push the clouds in, and the lightning crackles. This happens most often in movies about superheroes. For example, I noticed this in the movie Thor. I also loved in the movie The Sorcerer’s Apprentice when they would cast spells they would throw their arms down and everything would just blown around like crazy. When no one is looking and it is a ferociously winding stormy night I would love to through my arms down like that as if to summon lightening to shoot out of my fingers.

Now you will never look at wind the same way again.