1. I can communicate clearly despite loud environments (most of my environments are loud. I’m a musician)

2. My conversations are kept private (that’s pretty self-explanatory)

3. I can communicate despite bad connections( static and such. unless you don’t have enough bars to even send a text)

4. I can communicate in situations when I am not allowed to talk or situations where you should be quiet (school or church…of cource I’ve never texted at either…)

5. You hang up the phone and finally remember something you really wanted to tell them but don’t wanna bother calling them back (yeah you know you do that all the time)

6. Sometimes you really wanna leave a voicemail but you have more to say then will fit in the message( ok so I can be long-winded every now and then)

7. For several reasons I have always wished I could go back and read certain conversations I’ve had, and now I can. (helps in solving arguments. “See? I DID tell you I was gonna be there at 8:30 not 8:00!” )

8.My handwriting is sloppy and spelling is bad. (My texts are most often easy to read and comprehend)

9. It is a blessing to the hearing impaired

10. It is a good solution to talking to people you don’t really want to talk to; be it that they are annoying or just long-winded.

But of cource we all know the greatest thing about texting is you can poop or pee  while texting and no one will ever know!

Wow! I didn’t think I was going to be able to come up with ten things, but I did it! Now I do realize there are a few bad things about texting. For example, tone and sarcasm is not transferred very well and this leads to miscommunication. And like most things, stupid people have ruined texting for all of us. There is large controversy about texting and driving. I think as long as people are smart and pay attention to the road it shouldn’t be a concern for the authorities. It’s a private issue! Then there is a lot of thoughts linking texting to poor vocabulary in children and teens. The education system is to blame-not phones.  It really dishearten’s me to hear people say that they never text, don’t know how,or that it is just plain aggravating to them. Come on people! Its wonderful! And now you know why.